do you feel like a chain store
practically floored
one of many zeros
kicked around bored

so give me coffee and tv
i've seen so much
i'm going blind
and i'm braindead virtually
it's hard enough for me
take me away form this big bad world
and agree to marry me
so we can start all over again


[blur - coffee and tv]

28.7.09 13:59


it's so easy, easy
when everybody's tryin' to please me baby

.. so come with me
don't ask me where 'cause i don't know

it's gonna bring you down - HA


[guns n' roses - it's so easy]

26.7.09 16:30


if you got the money, honey
we got your disease


you can have anything you want
but you better not take it from me


and when you're high you never
ever want to come down


[guns n' roses - welcome to the jungle]
25.7.09 22:40


she wakes up scared of getting old
she don't feel no shame
she know's so many pretty boys
and they are all the same
they said 'oh hey there girl tell me what do you do'
she said 'um nothing but i'm damn sure it's more than you'

that girl's a genius
whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh
i think she's serious
whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh


[jet - she's a genius]

24.7.09 02:51


and i say you can't get enough
no you can't get enough

given a chance
i'm gonna be somebody
if for one dance
i'm gonna be somebody
open the door
it's gonna make you love me
facing the floor
i'm gonna be somebody

now is your time and you know where you stand
with a gun in your hand

with a gun in your hand


[kings of leon - be somebody]

23.7.09 03:31


she took my heart
i think she took my soul
with the moon i run
far from the carnage of the fiery sun

and it's coming closer..


[kings of leon - closer]

21.7.09 22:49


no song today.. but a video. you should watch it!!

*brandon novak*

15.7.09 03:57

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