[.. i forgot to say to you

how beautiful you really were to me ..]


[pink - please don't leave me]

11.3.09 00:06


and i'm so sad
like a good book
i can't put this
day back

a sorta fairytale
with you
[tori amos - a sorta fairytale]
11.3.09 00:15

ich habe grad die fotos angeschaut, die meine mutter gestern hervorgeholt hat (nach etwa 15 jahren oder so O_o). so viele erinnerungen, so viele geschichten. so viel ZEIT.

how could we have changed that much? how could we (or is it just me?) have become
so desperate,
so separated,
so alone??


es sieht wirklich aus, als seien wir mal WIR gewesen auf den fotos, nicht bloss zusammenwohnende individuen. und was ist davon übrig geblieben? 

it's just a faked smile.


was werde ich denken, wenn ich in 15 jahren fotos von heute anschaue?? 



i'd like to cry out loud
and louder

cry out everything
that happened since

cry out so loud that time capitulates and turns back



those pictures show us
so happy.
so different.
so laughting.

which demon destroyed all this? what kind of curse can cause all this? what the fuck has happened since??



ganz krass: mein geburtsarmband (so ein rosa plastikding mit name, gewicht, grösse und geburtszeit) lag auch bei den fotos. "sara deborah ryser, 2940g, 47cm, 9.3.1988, 14:46" bzw. auf einer alten, aber ungebrauchten kondolenzkarte. "herzliche anteilnahme".

the curse??

11.3.09 01:34

i know now

what's so irritating concerning those old pictures of us. they seem to be more alive than we are now in reality.

11.3.09 18:56


i'm falling in love with your favourite song
i'm gonna sing it all night long
i'm gonna dance with somebody
dance with somebody
dance, dance, dance!!
[mando diao - dance with somebody]
12.3.09 00:58


she's so pretty
but she'd be a whole lot prettier
if she smiled once in a while
'cause even her smile
looks like a frown

but, everything's gonna be all right

rockabye, rockabye


[shawn mullins - lullaby]

13.3.09 01:49


i dont really mind if i just fade away

i'm ready to die in obscurity
cause im so tired that i got to go

i'm still too tired to care and i got to go


[stone sour - zzyzx rd.]

14.3.09 09:24

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