but i´m always where i need to be
'cause i always thought i could end up with you


[the kooks - always where i need to be]
5.7.09 01:51


c'est pour la petite bourgeoisie qui boit du champagne
c'est pour tous les quotas français que j'parle plus anglais

i'm not crazy, i'm just fond of you
and all the piles of money that grow next to you


i'm just recording that track for all the bitches out there
shaking their ass like they just don't care
like they just don't care


y'a des choses qui n'ont pas de prix


j'aimerais boire.. un verre de boisson. de champagne


[discobitch - c'est beau la bourgeoisie]


5.7.09 23:47


get off your high horse lady
i don’t need a ride tonight

i hear your soul song singing from a fire in the sky

[oasis - high horse lady]
7.7.09 16:16


when we live such fragile lives
it's the best way we survive

i'll keep you my dirty little secret
don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret
my dirty little secret


[the all american rejects - dirty little secret] 

8.7.09 16:26


baby i've been here before
i've seen this room
i walked this floor
i used to live alone before i knew ya
but i've seen your flag on marble arch
but love is not a victory march
it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah


[lucky jim - hallelujah]

9.7.09 00:08


i want to know what love is
i want you to show me


[foreigner - i want to know what love is]

10.7.09 03:45


burnin’ bridges shore to shore
i’ll break away from something more
i’m not to not to love until it’s cheap

been there
done that
messed around

this time maybe i’ll be bulletproof


[la roux - bulletproof]

12.7.09 03:53

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