she is trapped inside a month of grey
and they take a little every day
she is a victim of her own responses


[counting crows - mercury]

1.8.09 20:19


every time you fall and every time you try
every foolish dream and every compromise
every word you spoke and everything you said

it's quiet now
the universe is standing still
snd there's nothing I can say
there's nothing we can do now

everybody's watching
everybody cry


[the killers - good night, travel well]

3.8.09 03:10


it's a tick of our time and the tic in her head that made me feel so strange

oh she's only seventeen


[kings of leon - 17]

4.8.09 18:18


this one's for rock'n'roll, for magazines, for radio
for all the times it knocked me out
this one's for showing up when everyone thought you were gone
this one's for never giving up


[minor majority - supergirl]

6.8.09 00:03


there i go again
pretending that i'll fall
don't call the doctors
cause they've seen it all before
they'll say just
she'll learn
the attention just encourages her

please excuse her for the day, its just the way the medication makes her..


[dresden dolls - girl anachronism]

7.8.09 01:24

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